OSS Technologies is in existence since 2002. It was originally registered with the aim of providing Element Management Systems to local manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. The consultancy at the time got involved with technologies such as Powerline Communications, Serial to Ethernet Convertors while we consulted on various Telecommunications Management projects.

We developed a technology we termed the Intelligent Network Element Agent, which was an embedded management agent that translated and stored management information at the source, reducing computational and network requirements due to the distributed nature of the management solution.

The company was revamped mid 2013 with a renewed focus and sound business plan.

The consultancy practice of OSS Technologies now includes services to address all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) aspects of the built environment. The time for these services is now, with intelligent and green buildings being required by tenants as well as architects with carbon taxes being imminent. In addition, we find the convergence of technologies being feasible today with Information Technology, Control and Instrumentation and Telecommunications making use of the same core technologies that OSS Technologies were advising on and developing in the past.

The consulting services of OSS Technologies may be seen as multi-disciplinary, but in essence we are dealing with the same technologies that we addressed in the telecommunications industry over the past 15 years. In short, we deal with the issue of how to connect one piece of technology to another, how to establish communications between such devices and how to present a business solution to a user of the system.

We do have a disruptive mindset, where we continuously research new technologies and inventions which could prove to be the business differentiator in the industry. One such technology is the notion of open access telecommunications based on optical fibre exchange principles. This is a concept that we aim to establish in the South African Telecommunications Industry.

OSS Technologies is hand-on with projects due to the value associated to the company and director’s reputation with customers. We are capable of delivering both consulting as well as turn-key projects, leveraging various local and international relationships where required, whilst always aiming to be differentiating and value adding.

The above is not a traditional consulting engineering environment, but we know that developers, architects and tenants alike are most often ill-advised and end up with sub-standard results. It’s time that ICT within the built environment is addressed on a professional engineering basis.