Optical Fibre


Optical connectivity is the only guaranteed and reliable transport technology to overcome challenges in the last mile. Technologies such as ADSL and VDSL continue to be plagued by technological challenges such as cross talk and social-economic challenges such as cable theft.

OSS Technologies is facilitating the next level of last mile telecommunications services through the promotion of open access and optical exchanges.

OSS Technologies brings telecommunications expertise to the built environment to address the need for open access last mile fibre services.

Telecommunications transmission and access networks architecture is a core field of expertise emanating from our telecommunications background.

OSS Technologies helps architects, design-build firms, building owners and contractors plan, deploy and operate optical fibre infrastructure for support of open access fibre for buildings, estates and commercial zones.

  • Fibre network design
  • Business cases
  • Service Provider Relationship management
  • Maintenance relationship management
  • Legislation and compliance management
  • Tenant requirements management

OSS Technologies has developed a methodology for the design, implementation and operation of optical fibre networks that includes:

  • Optical and Telecommunications Network design that includes type approval from Internet Service and Network Providers.
  • Fibre cabling design that considers the requirements of architects and property developers.
  • Open Access schemes that guarantees community members the ability to choose from multiple service providers at current (non-inflated) service costs
  • Optical exchange schemes that define relationships between owners, suppliers and maintenance teams.
  • Compliance to South African Telecommunications regulations

Deregulation of telecommunications in South Africa have allowed for the introduction of dark fibre and similar ventures. OSS Technologies is uniquely positioned to address the need for fibre in the last mile and allow developers and tenants alike to benefit from optical fibre as an enabling technology.