Building Management Systems

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Smart buildings employ a wide range of technologies that improve efficiency, connect buildings to each other as well as to the grid using intelligent, information and communication technology (ICT)-based devices and networks. Some intelligent building technologies are mature (metering, HVAC and electrical management systems) while others are evolving, including building energy management systems (BESs) and building information modeling (BIM). These evolving technologies offer some of the most impactful innovations that the building industry has witnessed in years. The challenge that integrators face today, however, is tying these systems together in a way that maximizes profitability and leverages the strengths that each service provider in the smart building ecosystem brings to the table.

WebNMS Machine-to-Machine (M2M) provides the toolbox that makes integration between various intelligent building components and functions possible.

WebNMS, with its extensive research and development, has customized the WebNMS platform for out-of-box M2M solutions to monitor and control passive infrastructure and to operate large networks of devices. WebNMS M2M offers complete M2M solutions with well integrated RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and centralised Network Monitoring System consoles.

WebNMS CTM (Cell Tower Manager) is an out-of-box intelligent and comprehensive solution designed to remotely monitor, control and manage telecom tower stations around-the-clock, providing real time information to telecom site managers.

WebNMS DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Manager) is an end-to-end data center monitoring solution, merging the proven strengths of ManageEngine IT 360 (Integrated IT Management solution ) and the WebNMS framework (Highly scalable M2M platform with more than 25,000 deployments worldwide) to bridge the gap that exists between the IT and facilities infrastructure layer.

WebNMS Smart Building Manager enables facility managers to stay connected with their infrastructure from anywhere, enabling real time automation and control, security and energy management.

WebNMS total integrated building automation solution is designed to suit every lifestyle, needs and budget, for facility managers and home owners alike. It delivers high comfort and convenience at low upfront cost.

  • Real time alerts: Receive accurate and prompt alerts on sensor event and automate actions where required.
  • Remote automation and control: Control all objects in your facility from any device, including laptops, tables and smartphones.
  • Temperature control: Use either pre-scheduled or learned usage patterns for optimal comfort and energy management.
  • Security and surveillance: Record all movements and visitor images.
  • Smart Lighting: Pre-schedule lighting levels or adjust lighting from your smartphone.
  • Energy Management: Synchronise lighting, heating and appliances for the effective management of energy consumption.

OSS Technologies is uniquely positioned to address engineering challenges whilst reducing project cost and improving building operational efficiency.

OSS Technologies is a WebNMS M2M partner, provising sales and integration services. OSS Technologies owns a WebNMS development license, origibally used for the development of a Powerline Communications Element Management System. In this regard, OSS Technologies hasĀ  10 years of experience with the WebNMS product suite.