Fibre to Connected Communities


Fibre to the Home (FTTH) remains an objective of property developers, body corporates and communities. However, the benefits that a scale of quantities must provide are not achieved with various projects ending up as white elephants. Our view is that this is due to a lack of a cooperative environment set by the original developers of the FTTH scheme.


OSS Technologies has pondered the situation of not realising the benefits of scale of quantities of FTTH over several years. For this purpose, we are positioning ourselves as neutral consultants that design and manage the implementation, relationships of parties and support of FTTH type networks.


FTTH should be implemented by professional engineers with proven experience and skills in the same way as electrical and civil projects are implemented by professional electrical and civil engineers.


The OSS Technologies toolbox includes:

  • Condominium fibre
  • Metropolitan fibre
  • Optical exchanges
  • Transmission Equipment
  • Open Access based services
  • Existing Contractual relationships with most Internet Service Providers
  • Existing relationships with fibre and equipment suppliers
  • Planning and support tools